Captain Callie

The Eleutheran Fishing Legend

Captain Callie, the Eleutheran Fishing Legend. With over 40 years experience, Captain Calvin "Callie" Jolly will be able to not only find the fish, but catch them with ease.

Photo Gallery

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Blue Marlin took the bait!

Captain Callie preparing a lure

Vermillion Snapper

A Great White shark on the hunt

Lighthouse Point.

She caught a Mahi Mahi!

One of many beautiful conch shells found along the beaches of Eleuthera

Wahoo taking the bait!

"The Glass Window". Where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.

In three minutes, see a snippet of what an active vacation on the Bahamas out island of Eleuthera is all about. 

Wahoo ready for the gaff

A school of mackerel

Lighthouse Beach. One of many beautiful beaches in Eleuthera

Eleuthera Island